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I believe that a good healer has to have access to her pain. Then she can use her life experience of loss, separation, illness or abuse as food for the healing process. 


For more than 20 years, I have worked successfully as a healing professional in my offices in the United States, Mexico and Germany. I started to follow my passion for healing after finishing my degree as a nurse. 


For many years, I worked in this profession and experienced the lives of many seriously ill or dying people and their families. The wish for a better way of treating people that would include not just the symptoms, but the whole person developed in me during this time. I successfully completed a three-year-long education to become a homeopathic doctor. Especially in the seminars of my mentor Henny Heudens Mast, who emphasized the whole picture of a certain homeopathic remedy, I felt at home. Later, I also learned to do psycho-kinesiology and developed my own body work called Essence Recovery.

Dagmar Uhl

Classical Homeopathist



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