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Children love homeopathy. I have never experienced a child who did not want to take the small white balls. The little patients are very easy to treat as they don’t (can’t) hide anything. Their whole body expresses how they are feeling. I just have to accept who they are and wait for them to connect with me. Then their song usually becomes very clear. Because children often have taken less medicine in their lives and their habits are not as deeply ingrained, they often respond to the remedies much easier. 




Menopause is offering Women a huge possibility to progress on their way to being wise Women. They return to themselves, to their origin. They realize that they don’t have to please anyone, and they can discover who they really are. The task at hand is to accept yourself, the droopy buttocks, the less bouffant hair and the over-all changes in the body. Old belief systems like “I am not lovable” or “I am not good enough” loose their power, when the focus starts to be on life in its wholeness and birth and death are accepted. Because the fear of getting pregnant falls away, women can enjoy more freedom in their sexuality. A lot of challenges during menopause have their origin in the fact that the transition is not an easy one. Hot flashes often indicate that the energy cannot flow freely. Extreme bleeding can be caused by un-cried tears that are stored in the uterus. I am very grateful when I can support women in their growth during menopause. 


In a coupled relationship, little flaws get enhanced, as if under a magnifying glass. For example, you always leave the tooth paste open, you are often late, you are inconsiderate or overprotective – all of these little things tell something about you and your view on other people and life. In front of your partner, you cannot hide. That makes a coupled relationship a very good vehicle for transformation.

It is also important that both partners work on themselves alone and are honest with themselves. Only a person who really knows herself can stop projecting their problems onto their partner




Nobody should die frustrated. And yet this part of the dying process is where a lot of people get stuck. Some dying people experience great anger about the unfairness of their own caducity. Often I encounter a great fear of death when I enter the room of a dying person. Homeopathy can calm the person down and help them to keep moving, accept, and in the end, finally let go. Homeopathy can help people who live in nursing homes to stay active in their bodies and minds and to not lose their love of live. A big advantage of homeopathy is that it does not cloud consciousness. This way people can actively shape their own process. 





Dagmar is one of the wisest and most trustworthy healing practitioners I have ever met. Her kindness, compassion, and insight have deeply enriched my life and the life of many others who have worked with her. Having a session with Dagmar is for me a completely wonderful experience. Before she applies any of her great skills and experience to a specific problem, she creates an atmosphere of complete and total acceptance. Before anything else happens, that by itself creates healing.


Joshua Leavitt

I have been to Dagmar’s office a number of times and what is so fascinating for me is this great atmosphere of trust, in which she holds her consultations. Every single time I feel seen, honored and completely supported. In this wonderful atmosphere I am able to take powerful steps towards myself. I am very grateful for that!



Elke, Art Therpist

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